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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Suzanne: music and other talents

You've heard Suzanne's talk about EFS. Today I'm talking to her about her other life outside TAFE teaching. Well, not about everything, only about one aspect of her very interesting life: music.
Download the MP3 file 2.24 MB, o:o9:49)

Music by my brothers' group, Tresena

Answer the following questions:
1. What’s her background? What’s her family’s ancestry?
2. When did her father’s family first come to Australia?
3. What about her mother’s?
4. Where did she feel at home and why?
5. What’s her parent’s connection with music?
6. What type of music were they involved with?
7. How old was she when she started learning a musical instrument?
8. What instrument was it? Who taught her how to play it?
9. What was her second instrument? What type of songs did she sing?
10. Has she still got her first instrument? What happened to it?
11. What did she do at 15? Where?
12. What did she do in the late sixties?
13. What was the name of her band? (It’s in one of the photos-the newspaper clipping)
14. Did they become famous?
15. What does the newspaper clipping say?
16. What was there always in the background?
17. When did she start playing the mandolin?
18. How long did it take her to play in the Classical Ensemble?
19. When did she perform in the Opera House? What was the show?
20. What did she do at university?
21. What does she call “soirées”?
22. Which photos are from this period? Describe one of them.
23. Does she still play? What takes up all her time?
24. What is her involvement with music now?
25. How did she start modelling and where?
26. How did she get involved in it?
27. Did she have any training? Did she find it difficult or embarrassing?
28. Why does she say the modelling photos look a bit dated?
29. Did you grow up in a musical family? Do you play any instruments? Do you like music? What does it mean to you? Tell us about it in your blog.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

TAFE server down for a few days

Our server at TAFE is being serviced, so it will be down for a few days. This means that onely a few podcasts hosted in Our Media are active. They are Suzanne's EFS talk, Dianne: Monster Waves (not the podcast icon, but the Download the mp3 file link) and the last 2 from Emile's slide show: From the Gran Canyon to Mexico and From Guatemala to Uganda. Suzanne: music mania is also ready. Check it out!

I've been told everything will be back to normal shortly. My apologies. Meanwhile guess what this photo is. It's the same as this other one in Our class 2006. Answers in comments.

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Emile: Around the world Slide Show

On Wednesday 167h May, Emile gave our class a fantastic power point presentation of his around the world trip. (His first podcast can be listened to here).We recorded all of the slide show, but as it would be too long in one podcast, I thought it was better to divide it into several episodes.

There is a worksheet to be done after listening to the podcasts.
As the podcasts* are quite lengthy, I've divided the recording into 2 podcasts.
First part: From The Gran Canyon to Mexico.Download the MP3 file 3.37 MB, o:14:46)

Music by my brothers'group

Second part: From Guatemala to Uganda
Download the MP3 file 2.24 MB, o:o9:49)

Music by my brothers'group

Read our reactions to Emile's slide show by visiting our blogs:
Djimi’s, Robert’s, Hideki’s, Harjit’s, Helen's, Gloria's

*This podcasts are meant for students who attended the slide show mailnly. They are a bit hard to follow if you can't see the pictures.

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Suzanne: EFS Coordinator

writinghandMost of you are going to finish CESOL II at the end of this semester. You have already started thinking about your pathways. There are many possibilities and one of them is to continue studying either at TAFE or at university. I asked Suzanne, our EFS Coordinator to explain what EFS is, who can study it and how to go about it joining the course.

Listen to Suzanne talking about EFS.
Download the MP3 file 1.42 MB, o:o6:13)

Music by my brothers'group

Take notes of her mini lecture and write a summary in your blog.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Let's talk

Let's talk is Our Class 2006 companion. It's where you, students and friends from all over the world, can conduct conversations.

Last week we had an interesting discussion around the topic of flora and body language. We had a lot of fun comparing the differences in body language in our countries of origin. The discussion had been instigated by the questions sent by our Portuguese friends from Setubal. Have a listen here.

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