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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Four Sydney Women: International Women's Day

On Friday 6th March 2009 UNIFEM organised its annual breakfast for International Women's Day. I had the privilege to attend the event with Diane Craven, St George College director and some TAFE teachers and students.

The keynote speakers were Fozilitun Nessa and Rita Taphorn. Please read Fozilitun's profile before listening to the podcast. The four women interviewed refer to her speech.

Listen to the podcast below. First I speak to Jenni, who completed tertiary Preparation Course (TPC)at St George College, SI TAFE, in 2008 and is now doing a BA at university. Diane Craven, our college director, gives us a summary of the whole morning and what most impressed her. Finally I talk to two Occupational English Test (OET) students from our ESOL section, Farhana (a dentist from Bangladesh) and Nishi (a doctor from Nepal). Their comments are very relevant and poignant.

Print this worksheet to get help with the listening.

Please listen to all four of them and write your thoughts in comments.

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Annette: Barista

Annette is in charge of the coffee machine at St George TAFE canteen. Here she tells me about different types of coffee and how to order it.
Listen to her and do the worksheet exercises. They will help you with the listening and also with your learning.

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