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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Luciano: Pioneer Interpreter

Luciano Ginori was one of the first teachers of  interpreting and translating in Sydney, both at universities and TAFE colleges. He was also at the foundation of AUSIT, helping establish community interpreting and translating  as a valued profession in the Australian multicultural society.  Luciano became AUSIT's first president.

He has been a teacher at our Interpreting and Translating section in Petersham TAFE for a long time and he has just decided to retire and let us continue the job of training interpreters without his valued presence. Nevertheless his influence will always be with us, as he has shared his knowledge and skills with all the teaching staff and the many students he has taught.
Enjoy the interview and, as usual, you can use it as a note taking exercise for consecutive interpreting.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sydney's People Podcast has moved

Sydney's People Podcast has a parallel podcast home in Let's Talk-St George ESOL
Visit us there!

Karen: Social Work

Karen Heycox, a Senior Lecturer at the University of New South Wales, talks about what Social Work means, the areas it covers and the people it reaches. She also comments on the role of interpreters, specifically in the field of health.

Karen, who along with Mark Hughes (from the University of Queensland) has authored a book, Older People, Ageing and Social Work- Knowledge for Practice, talks about the importance of social workers in this growing area.

You can print this worksheet before listening. Check you answers here.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Katie: Immigration Lawyer

Katie Malyon, judged one of the top Immigration lawyers in Australia, talks about some of the issues she discusses with clients. She also addresses the need for interpreters to assist some of those clients.
Listen to the interview and check the exercises on the worksheet.

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Rania: Law

This week we have started to deal with legal topics. Listen to my interview with Rania Jones, a student of law in her final year.
Check this worksheet to support your listening and extend your learning. As usual you can practise by listening and pausing the mp3 file to interpret, practise your pronunciation and your memory skills.

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Sydney: Building

Today I interview Vincent Sicari, heritage architect. He tells me the steps to be taken before building or renovating a house.
You can use this worksheet, the Building Process, to make the most out of the interview.

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Miguel: Type 1 Diabetes

We are studying topics related to Health. Listen to this interview with a young Sydenysider, Miguel, talking about Type 1 diabetes.

Listen to it once, to get the general gist of the conversation
Then listen to it in chunks, stop the file and repeat his sentences (without taking notes) as close as possible to the original
Listen and record yourself. Then compare both recordings
Listen to the whole conversation and take notes
Repeat the conversation from your notes. Record yourself doing it
Listen to chunks and translate into your TL (target language)
You can do this at home by yourself or with a classmate. To record yourself, you can use any of the recording applications found in any standard computer or download Audacity (free) & lame. this will allow you to create mp3 files, which you can download into your ipod or mp3 player to practise anywhere anytime!

Listen to it here

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Sunday, December 06, 2009

TownCrierPicfather and son

Michael Keating, a teacher from the English section at our college, visited our class last week and told us about his father, Graham Keating, who is a Town Crier.
Listen to our conversation to find out more about Town Criers, Michael and his dad.

(1.4MB) music by Hato de Foces

You can also watch this video where Graham Keating introduces the new Town Crier for Liverpool Council.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sculpture by the Sea

A group of AMEP students and their teachers went to Sculpture by the Sea on Tuesday 10th November, 2009. Listen to a couple of interviews with 4 visitors to this amazing exhibition.
You can also hear the interviews published with the movie below.

Music by Tresena

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Luke: ultimate stylist

Many people have to leave everything behind and start anew. Listen to my chat with Luke Kara, a hairdresser from Turkey who, not knowing the language, not knowing the language, came to Australia and in a very short time had established a very successful and professional hairdressing business.

After you listen to the interview, write an article for your blog. Write about migrants settling into a new country. Difficulties they may encounter and examples, like Luke's of people who have achieved their dream or are still working on achieving it.

music by Mig

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