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Thursday, December 08, 2005


Today I had the pleasure of talking to Dimitra, whom I knew from work and met at the TAFE Access conference.

Listen to our conversation and then answer the questions below.

Download the MP3 file (933 KB, o:o3:58 mins)
Music by my brother and his group
Hato de Foces

Where does Dimitra live?
What type of suburb is it?
Locate it on a map and find the names of 3 beaches nearby.
What type of suburb do you live in?
Where does Dimitra come from?
What do you know about that country? Search the Internet for information.
How old was she when she came?
Did she know any English?
What message does she have for students of English here?
What does she like about Sydney?
Would she go back to her country of origin? Why?
What about you?
Write the answers and your thoughts about it in your blog.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005


Study Skills Library Assessment

Print this and do the vocabulary preparation before you listen to Patricia's podcast.

Vocabulary Preparation

Match the red words to the green meanings :

borrow, items, renew, chute,
fine, CD-ROM

  • To extend the borrowing time
  • Books/video tapes/cassettes/CDs
  • Box where you can leave the books after hours (when the library is closed)
  • List of all the books in the library
  • Money you have to pay if returning a book late
  • To take a book home for a short period of time and return it later
  • Disk with sound, images and text
  • It had to be returned, but you haven’t done it yet
Listen to Patricia’s Podcast (Sydney’s People Podcast) or take part in a class library tour before you answer the questions below.

1. Who can borrow from the TAFE library?
2. What do you need to bring to join in?
How many items (things: books, videos, etc) can you borrow?
What is included in print items?
5. How long can you borrow books for?
How long can you borrow videos for?
What happens if you want them for a longer time?
How can you renew books or other library items?
How many times can you renew items?
Can you search the library catalogue from home?
12. Can you return books after-hours?
When is the library open?
How can you make photocopies or print from one of the library computers?
How much does it cost?
Is it the same price for Student Association members?
17. What other services are provided?
18. What ESL resources do they have?
19. Can you borrow books from other TAFE libraries?
20. What is a good idea for ESL students?

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