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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Miguel: Type 1 Diabetes

We are studying topics related to Health. Listen to this interview with a young Sydenysider, Miguel, talking about Type 1 diabetes.

Listen to it once, to get the general gist of the conversation
Then listen to it in chunks, stop the file and repeat his sentences (without taking notes) as close as possible to the original
Listen and record yourself. Then compare both recordings
Listen to the whole conversation and take notes
Repeat the conversation from your notes. Record yourself doing it
Listen to chunks and translate into your TL (target language)
You can do this at home by yourself or with a classmate. To record yourself, you can use any of the recording applications found in any standard computer or download Audacity (free) & lame. this will allow you to create mp3 files, which you can download into your ipod or mp3 player to practise anywhere anytime!

Listen to it here

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