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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Andrew: Nut & Num

This week's episode was produced by my students. They interviewed Andrew, one of our teachers, who has spent nearly three years living in Thailand. Listen to the interview and tell us what you think about the very interesting topics raised in it (overseas adoption, Australian prisoners in overseas jails, etc).

Download the MP3 file (2.53 MB, o:11:03)

music by my brothers' group Tresena

They have prepared this article to introduce their podcast, Andrew's Story.

Listen to the interview. The questions haven't been all recorded. It's more like a conversation.
Andrew talks about adoption, Thai seasons, Australian drought, bushfires, global warming, what we can do about it, and finally Australian seasons.

Listen to it and write your thoughts in your blogs or here in comments.

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Health Expo 2006

Last Tuesday, 24th October 2006, our four AMEP classes took part in the first Health Expo organised by the Student Asociation at St George TAFE. It was a first in Sydney. The Association considered it a pilot to be followed by other colleges in future.

The Student Association officers, Kylie and Kelly, invited a number of institutions and private people who work in health and health education. The aim is to get young people aware of health issues that have an impact in their life. There were doctors, dental care workers, information on drugs and alcohol issues, sexual assault, probiotics, gym, masseurs, tai chi demonstration, boxing, etc.

Our students' involvement was mainly in providing the food for the day. They cooked delicious healthy dishes from many different countries. The money raised ($525.oo!) went to CanTeen (Teenagers with Cancer) as Friday was CanTeen day in Sydney. But our students did a lot of work besides cooking and serving. They prepared posters related to diet (the Food Pyramid), conducted surveys related to food, exercise, alternative medicine and lifestyle, got together beautiful presents for the raffle and competition, packed the presents, wrote the quiz for the competition, helped set up and clean up.

It was a great success. The evaluation results show a majority of paticipants rating the event as excellent and wanting to have it every year. The student association is putting on a brunch for our four classes and the Association Board has decided to donate a very generous amount of money for us to go on our planned end-of-the-year excursion.

Well done every one!

Our class was kept very busy on the day recording interviews left right and centre. We will broadcast some of them here but most will be in Let's Talk, which is the students venue for their own radio programs. I will be keeping a listof links to of their Health Expo interviews here. Check the photos and read about the bliggest underwater dance ever here. Keep tuned!

This fragment of the radio program introduces Chem, one of the teachers and Kylie, one of the Student Association organisers. Check Chem's blog for more photos of the day, including the poster her students made.

Download the MP3 file (2.53 MB, o:02:46)
Music by my brothers' group Tresena

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