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Monday, June 18, 2007

Anastasiya: On Her Way Now

Today we had a surprise visit from one of my students form last semester. Anastasiya finished ESOL 4 in December and went straight into a mainstream course, Real Estate Diploma.

Some of you are thinking of what to do next. Listen to her telling us about the challenges of being in a class where the majority of students are of English Speaking Background.

Download the MP3 file (MB, o:04.92 )(Duration 00:05:22)

music by my mig

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Jennifer: Empowering Women

Two weeks ago we had an information session about study pathways for those of you who are finishing level 4. Jennifer Julian is one of the teachers from the English section. I talked to her about the CEEW course she co-ordinates.
Listen to the interview below and read about the course on this flyer or the information published on the local newspaper, the Leader.

Download the MP3 file (1.48 MB, o:06:29)

music by my brothers' group Hato de Foces

You can also read about another course provided by the English section:
Communications Skills 2 flyer
Communications Skills 2 programme

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