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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Carol: Constant movement

Do you know what a choreographer is? I had the pleasure of interviewing Carol Dilley, a dancer and choreographer who divides her time between Maine (USA) and Sydney. I called this piece Carol: Constant Movement for several reasons. Firstly she is a dancer. Secondly she is always travelling and working in several countries, mainly USA, Australia and Spain. Finally she is always learning something new. Her latest project is the creation of dance videos. You can see one of them below and the rest in her youtube address.

Listen to my conversation with Carol to learn more about her and what she does. You can print the worksheet beforehand. It will hellp you with the listening.

Download the MP3 file (11.4 MB, o:08:20)

music by bill matthews

You can also watch this digital story which contains the same interview and excerpts form two of her dances.

Below is a video of Carol's latest project: dance video clips. She is not only the coreographer and dancer, but also the director and editor.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Nikki: Creativity

Last week I interviewed Nikki, a young girl, from Sydney's inner western suburbs. It's amazing how much a young girl like her fits into her life. It's an inspiration to us all. Before listening to the podcast, download and print the worksheet. It will help you with the listening. Then you can answer the comprehension questions. Don't worry too much if you don't understand everything Nikki says. The workseet will help you a lot and you can listen to it as many times a s you want.
Listen to our conversation:
Download the MP3 file (2.61 MB, o:11:25)

music by mig

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