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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Michael: Unity

Michael with Leigh, one of the students involved in the Unity Project
Last week I happened to come across a very striking unfinished painting leaning against one of the classroom walls at our college. Later I met Michael, a teacher in the English section, who told me all about it.

The mural is a painting of 13 students who were enrolled in a TAFE course called CGVE. As part of their course they decided to create a mural that became a collaborative project between the class and also the English section and the design section. The faces you see in the mural are the students' actual faces.

While Michael and I we were talking, the artistic director of the project, Julie (a design teacher from our college) and Kelly, another of the students involved in the project (and the angel in the painting), were working on the mural to get it ready to be hung in its final location outside the parking area. Yesterday I was lucky enough to also talk to Leigh, another student (the one Michael calls a graffiti artist and Julie corrects him by saying he is an artist).

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