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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Instructions to record your voice for your blog

  1. Download Audacity
    Click FILE/Preferences: QUALITY: 44100 Hz & 32-bit float
  2. Record your voice. Listen to it and delete unwanted sounds or pauses.
  3. Save it: Save project as.
  4. Download LAME. You can go straight here.
  5. Save your Audacity file into a MP3 format: Export as MP3
  6. Register with OURMEDIA*. Upload your audio MP3 file. You’ll get a link (URL: http://..........)
  7. Write the link in your blog.
  8. You can use skype to interview people over the internet and you can record it with PowerGramo. Then follow steps 6-7.
  9. If you want a picture of a podcast icon, you can copy the HTML code. Right click on the PODCAST icon below and Save Picture As in one of your picture folders in your computer. Then you can upload it as a picture in the Add image icon above, as you would upload any picture. Once you see the picture in your post, you can highlight it and link it with the Link icon above.


Finally, if you want to know more about it, go to Sean FitzGerald's Online Portfolio
You will find detail explanations on how to do it.

  • My other podcasting blog, Let's Talk, which I set up for my students to communicate with Portuguese students through recorded messages, is easier for students to use at home (the recording facility doesn't work at TAFE!) once they join.
* Our media has changed a bit recently, you should download SpinXpress also. It works much better than ourmedia by itself.

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