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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Olga: New Horizons

Today you can listen to Olga again. You have met her before. She interviewed Ana Maria, our flamenco teacher.

One of the many things that Olga has done in her different jobs in Sydney is the Guides for Skilled Migrants commissioned by the Parramatta Migrant Resource Centre. If you want to find a job in Australia, you should check these guides. See if your trade or profession is listed and read about how to have your qualifications recognised, how to get a licence to work or how to go about finding a job in your field.

Olga talks about a very famous Spanish writer, Garcia Lorca. Do you know anything about him? What did he write? When was he writing? How did he die? Who were some of his very famous friends? Do an internet search and write about him in your blog. To define your search you can write Garcia Lorca inside inverted commas: "Garcia Lorca" . Remember not to copy and paste! It's plagiarism. Write a summary in your own words and put links to good informative sites. Here is a one page extract from Nadal's study of Lorca's El Publico.

To help you with the listening, print this listening worksheet, Olga: listening.
Download this worksheet, Olga: Listening Quiz, answer the questions and do the writing in your blog.

Download the MP3 file (3.26 MB, o:15:25)
Music by my brothers' group Tresena

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