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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Katie: Immigration Lawyer

Katie Malyon, judged one of the top Immigration lawyers in Australia, talks about some of the issues she discusses with clients. She also addresses the need for interpreters to assist some of those clients.
Listen to the interview and check the exercises on the worksheet.

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Rania: Law

This week we have started to deal with legal topics. Listen to my interview with Rania Jones, a student of law in her final year.
Check this worksheet to support your listening and extend your learning. As usual you can practise by listening and pausing the mp3 file to interpret, practise your pronunciation and your memory skills.

music by Traxsmiths

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Sydney: Building

Today I interview Vincent Sicari, heritage architect. He tells me the steps to be taken before building or renovating a house.
You can use this worksheet, the Building Process, to make the most out of the interview.

music by Hato de Foces

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