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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Katarina: Our Multicultural Education Coordinator


In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the government recognised they had a key role in providing services for our culturally diverse society. This is clear if we look at Sydney Institute enrolments in 2005-33% of all enrolments are from NESBS and the students at our institute speak 80 different languages.

Before you listen to the interview with the Multicultural Education Coordinator at our college, check this glossary of some of the words used in the interview: MEC Glossary.

Listen to this interview and answer the questions below.

Download the MP3 file (1.99 MB, o:o8:42)


  1. What does MEC stand for?
  2. Where can you find the MEC's office at St George College?
  3. When can you see her?
  4. How can you contact her?
  5. What type of help does she offer? (You'll have to listen to the whole interview to answer this question)
  6. What does EFS stand for?
  7. Name a couple of ESP courses running this semester.
  8. What does ESP stand for?
  9. What makes ESP different to mainstream courses?
  10. What course is just starting for women?
  11. Do they always offer the same courses?
  12. What do they teach in the course Playgroup Course for South Pacific and Maori participants?
  13. Why does Rosa say Katarina's job is really full time?

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Alex: Catching Marlin

This is our first 2006 podcast. I'm talking to a young Australian man from the Botany Bay area, which is very close to our TAFE college. He is telling me about something he is passionate about. Listen to our conversation and then answer the questions below.

Download the MP3 file (519 KB, o:o2:12)

Photos by Alex and his mates

You can also watch the video Alex promised to prepare for us, Catching Marlin.
For a full version of the video, watch. It is a bit over 8 minutes, but it's worth it if you like fishing or you want to see what catching such a big fish requires ( muscles and stanima).

What's Alex relationship to Rosa?
How long has he known her?
What's his hobbie?

How often does he do it?
Who does he go with?
Where do they go?
What did they do with the fish they had caught?
What was Rosa wrong about?
What do fishermen do for sport, according to Alex?

What has Alex prepared for our class?
Find out more about marlin and South West Rocks.
Do you have a hobbie you are passionate about? Tell us about it.

Write some questions that you would like to ask Alex. We can email them to him and post the answers with the next podcast.

Write your answers in your blog.
If you dopn't understand, you can check the script that some teacher published in a blog.

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