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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Luciano: Pioneer Interpreter

Luciano Ginori was one of the first teachers of  interpreting and translating in Sydney, both at universities and TAFE colleges. He was also at the foundation of AUSIT, helping establish community interpreting and translating  as a valued profession in the Australian multicultural society.  Luciano became AUSIT's first president.

He has been a teacher at our Interpreting and Translating section in Petersham TAFE for a long time and he has just decided to retire and let us continue the job of training interpreters without his valued presence. Nevertheless his influence will always be with us, as he has shared his knowledge and skills with all the teaching staff and the many students he has taught.
Enjoy the interview and, as usual, you can use it as a note taking exercise for consecutive interpreting.

music by Tresena

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